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How to save money?

Five simple ways before you start to cut spending, you need to analyze and find out exactly where the money goes. You are in complete confidence that you spend most on clothes and cosmetics, but analysis of checks can show that your main expense is coffee and cake, going to the movies with friends. There are five easy ways to save!

1. Cook at home. Homemade food brought to work in a container is no longer an old-fashioned sign. Eating right and knowing exactly what you eat is a modern trend, as popular as fitness. Lunch with colleagues is not only the satisfaction of hunger, but also the time for communication, exchange of the latest news. If you decide to bring the most delicious and healthy things from home, this does not mean that you will also have to give up the pleasant company. With colleagues, you can share a cup of tea in a cafe or dining room, then adding it to a full-fledged homemade dish. Food in catering costs 3−4 times more expensive than cooked at home.

2. Watch for promotions and discounts. Do you have a favorite store or favorite clothing brand? It is not necessary to buy all the new arrivals and collections immediately. Subscribe to the newsletter messages from the store or occasionally look at their sites. Sales allow you to save 20−40% of the initial value of the thing.

3. We make lists. Merchandisers know perfectly well where to put wipes for skin matting, a shiny hair pin and moisturizing lipstick, so that they themselves would be in the shopping cart. And do not think that their tricks affect only small children. We often come for one purchase, and we leave with a completely different and not always necessary. Make a list of what you need to buy and what is the main purpose of the trip to the store.

4. Compare and count. The most difficult thing for girls is to miss the thing you like right away and run with it to the checkout, and analyze whether it is possible to find the same thing cheaper and whether it is possible to buy something better for the same money. If the item is expensive, do not make a decision right away. Internet and forums provide all the necessary information to compare the parameters, quality, cost. Perhaps in another store you can buy the same thing, but with a discount.

5. Everything new is a well-sold old. Every morning, nothing to wear, even if the cabinet has long ceased to close? If things are disliked or do not fit, do not need to store them. The whole world has long and with pleasure been selling, reselling, buying and selling things on the Internet again, calling it the “smart way”. The third pair of jeans bought in store, roller skates that were used before the first fall, a hat to which a decent coat was never found - all this can become a subject of joy and adoration for someone else, and in your closet make room for new things.